Over 145 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged in the US alone, making it the second-most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas. 

Card Crazy 

The oldest known Valentine's Day card dates back to the 1400s and is preserved in the British Museum. 

Love Letter Legacy 

More than 250 million roses are grown specifically for Valentine's Day, making it the leading flower choice. 

Blooming Love 

Approximately 8 billion conversation hearts are manufactured each year, with sweet messages like "Be Mine" and "Kiss Me." 

Candy Coated Confessions 

Valentine's Day is a popular choice for proposals, with many popping the question to their loved ones on this special day. 

Engaged & Excited 

Mass weddings are a popular tradition in the Philippines, with couples tying the knot on February 14th. 

Philippines Wedding Bells

Celebrating platonic love with friends on February 13th, known as Galentine's Day, has gained significant popularity. 

Galentine's Day Rise 

Around 3% of pet owners shower their furry friends with gifts on Valentine's Day, showing love knows no fur-ther bounds. 

Pet Power 

The largest box of chocolates ever made weighed over 8,000 pounds and was created by Cadbury in the UK in 2011. 

Record-Breaking Romance

An Indian man holds the record for writing the longest love letter, spanning over 85,000 words and taking him 5 months to complete. 

Love Letter Marathon