Palak Tiwari Apology Rejected as Orry shows Middle Finger; Shocking WhatsApp Chat Inside

Palak Tiwari Left Apologetic as Orry Rejects Olive Branch with Middle Finger; Scandalous WhatsApp Chat Breaks the Internet

Social media sensation Orhan Awatramani and actress Palak Tiwari’s leaked WhatsApp conversation has stirred confusion among netizens, leaving them questioning the status of their relationship. In a recent Instagram story, Orry shared a screenshot of his heartfelt WhatsApp chat with Palak, revealing a surprising twist as she extends a sincere apology.

Leaked WhatsApp Chat

Although the details of Palak and Orry’s dispute remain elusive, speculations arise among netizens, suggesting that ‘Sara’ may refer to Sara Ali Khan. A Reddit user delves into the mystery, decoding the apparent rift by proposing a scenario where Orry informs Sara Ali Khan that an apology from Palak Tiwari is needed. Sara, attempting to mediate, becomes a peacemaker, leading Palak to extend an apology, possibly for the sake of Sara’s involvement.

Who is Palak Tiwari?

Palak Tiwari is an Indian actress and the daughter of popular television actress Shweta Tiwari. Shweta Tiwari is known for her roles in various Indian television shows. Palak Tiwari gained attention for her striking resemblance to her mother and has been in the public eye for her social media presence and occasional appearances at events. Her Instagram presence (@palaktiwarii) boasts over 3.8M followers

Who is Orry Awatramani?

Orry, whose real name is Orhan Awatramani (aka orry awatramani), is a socialite and close friend of many Bollywood stars, particularly their children. He’s known for his enigmatic presence and flamboyant personality, often gracing glamorous events and parties. Here’s a summary of what we know about him:

Professional Background:

  • Works as a Special Project Manager at Reliance Industries Limited, according to his LinkedIn profile.
  • Described himself as a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, creative director, stylist, and more, but details remain unclear.
  • Some claim he’s a social activist, although he downplays that label.

Social Scene:

  • Widely recognized for his close friendships with Bollywood star kids like Suhana Khan, Nysa Devgn, Khushi Kapoor, and Janhvi Kapoor.
  • Seen frequently at high-profile gatherings with celebrities and socialites.
  • His Instagram presence (@orry1) boasts over 876K followers
  • and showcases his glamorous lifestyle.

Mystery and Intrigue:

  • Much of Orry’s professional life remains shrouded in mystery.
  • He rarely discloses details about his work or income sources.
  • Some view him as a skilled self-marketer, constantly building his public image.


Orry is a captivating figure in the Indian social scene, particularly within the Bollywood circles. His enigmatic personality, close ties to celebrities, and flamboyant lifestyle fuel curiosity and intrigue. While details about his professional pursuits remain unclear, his presence in the glamorous world continues to fascinate.

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